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Creatively handcrafted to speak love, spread love and show love, Punny Pin Greeting (a Singapore brand) put puns and accessories together on cards, magnets and hair clips to bring smiles on faces. Punny Pin Greeting wants to encourage people to speak kind words, spread good vibes and show care - making the world a better place.

Over 100 pin-spired designs and pin-teresting messages under the categories of Christian Messages, Celebrate Friendships, Encouragement Messages, Thank You Messages, Mom & Daughter Love, Love Confession, Wedding Favours and even messages to encourage the COVID-19 frontline healthcare workers.


 Each item is individually packed in an organza bag or transparent box. 

Magnet is 8cm x 8cm packed in a transparent box.


Punny Pin Greeting was created to ~ Speak Love ~ Spread Love ~ Show Love ~

Words are powerful.
When we speak life, we see the world around us change.
Paired with puns, these words take flight
- they catch attention, they are remembered, they make an impact.

We welcome you to share creative puns of your own with us,
so that we can come up with even more unique creations
for you and your loved ones!
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