Mesg from Team PPG


It has been an exciting year for us. In one year, we created close to 200 messages and adorable pins. We even expanded our products to hair accessories, fridge magnets and bookmarks. Most importantly we are thankful, other than God's grace, for the supports and encouragements we receive from many people we met online and onsite. It is always a joy to hear giggles when people read our messages at roadshows, and receiving notes from people who received our gifts from their friends sharing how the words have perked them up. It's like telling us we are doing the right thing.

We look forward to 2021, as we together with all the Singaporeans walk out of the pandemic slowly and surely, we are more sure that we will create more products  and messages to encourage one another. Do stay tuned for our new releases, we hope you are just as excited as us.

Do continue to stay safe and healthy. We wish you a happy 2021.

As always, ~Speak Love ~ Spread Love ~ Show Love

Team PPG

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